Reading/Language Arts

The ABeka Book curriculum is used to guide classroom reading instruction. Throughout the school year, there is a focus on building the student’s knowledge of phonics and their understanding of the sounds used to build words. This helps to build “word attack” and spelling skills in our students. The goal is to foster readers that are confident and have a love of the written word. Language skills students work on are capitalization of sentences, proper names, days of the weeks, month of the year, correct punctuation at the end of sentences, words using suffixes and/or prefixes, compound words, rhyming words, opposites, introduction to contractions, synonyms and homonyms, and alphabetizing words.




Math is focused on discovering the intelligent design and purpose with which God has created our world. We learn and practice new math skills by examining patterns, using hands-on manipulative, and connecting math concepts to real-world experiences. Concepts covered throughout the year are addition and subtraction facts for numbers one through eighteen, telling time to the nearest half hour, place value for zero through one hundred, measurement, fractions, two and three digit addition with carrying, two-digit subtraction, geometric shapes; also included is counting by two’s, three’s, five’s, and ten’s. The Bob Jones curriculum is used to guide math instruction.




We start with learning about Creation and work our way through important Bible events. In first grade we also work on learning scripture, discuss its meaning and work on memorizing it as a class (such as Proverbs 3:5-6).




Science places an emphasis on discovering God’s hand in creation. Students learn about the human body, healthy habits, matter (liquids, solids, and gases), construction, space, and animal habitats.



Creative Writing/Handwriting

First grade uses Lucy Caulkins and “6+1 Traits” to model/teach writing. Students work through the writing process, learning by developing ideas for topics, building interesting sentences, and to expanding those ideas into published work. During this process, the D’Nelian style handwriting is taught and incorporated.



Social Studies

Units focus on building community and culture awareness. Students discover the characteristics found in their families, school, nation, and the world.




The art program teaches a variety of art concepts and techniques throughout the year.