God’s Word is studied by reading the Bible every day, praying, memorizing scripture, completing a Bible lesson, and conducting “Sword drills”. There is a daily emphasis on godly topics as they relate to the various academic topics in our ABeka curriculum.



This subject covers the phonics-based ABeka curriculum. Phonics is covered in-depth with the “132 special sounds” and their rules. Daily oral language is completed, which covers related grammar rules. Spelling covers the special sounds and teaches vocabulary words and definitions.



Phonics & Language

ABeka curriculum is used. We will cover four sentence types, subjects, predicates, verbs, nouns, adverbs, contractions, adjectives, ABC order, use of glossary and dictionary, prefixes, suffixes, and abbreviations.




Bob Jones curriculum is used. First the methodology for each operation is covered. This includes covering integers to the thousands, addition and subtraction facts (including addition and subtraction with regrouping through the thousands), place value, telling time, calendars, measurement, money, graphing, reading data, patterning, introduction to geometry, simple algebra, multiplication facts for many of the tables (2, 3, 4, 5, 10), division facts (1, 2, 3, 4, 5), fractions, metric measurement, and related verbal and written story problems.




Units include personal care, manners, and safety. We also cover how the body works, the animal world, insects, the plant world, what scientists do, fossils, Earth, sky, and air.  We do a unit on Avocados.



Social Studies

Students learn about early American communities, starting with the Pilgrims and culminating with America as it is now. Topics are covered concerning America’s freedoms, the flag, map skills, state memory and location, and patriotic songs and holidays.  We learn map skills and do a state report.




Our Art program teaches a variety of art concepts and techniques throughout the year.