Third Grade Curriculum




Gods Word is studied by reading the Bible every day, praying, memorizing scripture, completing a Bible lesson, and conducting “Sword Drills.” There is daily emphasis on Godly topics as they relate to the various academic subjects in our Abeka curriculum.


Cursive Writing

Printing and cursive are emphasized, using the Abeka Cursive book, which integrates many reading and language skill while using the cursive alphabet. Creative Writing and journaling is a prominent feature of third grade.




Students use the Abeka reading series, which includes two novels, and many books with excerpts of exceptional stories. Many supplemental materials are added to reinforce reading and language skills.  Spelling uses the Abeka curriculum which reinforces the skills in 1st and 2nd grade and enables students to utilize spelling in their writing.




Students refine skills in addition and subtraction using regrouping when necessary to 5 digits. The multiplication and divisions facts are reviewed and learned through family of  10.  Using the facts, the class learns to do multiplication and division with one digit multipliers and divisors. Students study about geometry, measurement, money, algebraic equations, and challenging real life word problems.



Science and Health

Students study Ecosystems, plants, animals, matter, sound, energy, soil, rocks, minerals, weather, the Solar System, cells, tissues, organs and skin. The students learn how to take care of the body God gave them, the safety in using things, and manners that shows a stewardship of God’s gift.



Social Studies/History

In Social Studies we study the lives of men and women who lived in various eras spanning across time, from Columbus to Billy Sunday. Map skills are reviewed from 2nd grade, many states are learned, and a state report completed.



Our Art program teaches a variety of art concepts and techniques throughout the year.