Fourth & Fifth Grade Overview



The curriculum that is followed is the Bible. We have weekly memory verses that are discussed.
We also have Bible skits. We also have weekly all school chapels.


Students build upon concepts learned in previous grades. Place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division are covered. Students add, subtract, and multiply fractions, and learn how to reduce fractions. Decimals, temperature, money, graphing, and basic geometry are also studied.  We use Bob Jones Curriculum


Language – Writing
Sentence types, punctuation, capitalization, and grammar are studied.
This, in turn, is incorporated in student writing, in their personal & business letters, journaling, and gathering information for research projects.  We use Bob Jones Curriculum


Students seek to understand God’s creation by studying the moon, digestion, bones & muscles, weathering & erosion, the Earth’s resources, plants, oceans, and rocks. We use Bob Jones Curriculum


 4th grade - Explorers, inventors, and famous people that influenced America are studied. Students cover the Civil and World Wars. Washington State history includes the economy, geography, famous places, rivers, mountains, and overall history.  We use Abeka Curriculum

5th grade - Old World history is studied including: the Fertile Crescent, the Ancient Middle East, countries of Southern & Central Asia, and countries of the Far East, Africa, and Europe. We use Abeka Curriculum


Children oral read for accuracy and expression. Children learn how to interpret the meaning of a story. We use Abeka readers. We also read a variety of chapter books. Weekly comprehension tests are given.


The Bob Jones curriculum is used. A systematic approach is used to increase mastery utilizing phonics and basic spelling rules. Twenty word Spelling Tests are given every week.


Our Art program teaches a variety of art concepts and techniques throughout the year.