Traci Swenson
Kindergarten & Art Teacher

Albany, Oregon is where I was born and raised.  I studied Sociology at Oregon State University and have a Conditional Teaching Certificate.


I am married to Steven Swenson.  We raised two sons and have two grandchildren.


Before perusing my teaching career I worked at a Country Western Radio Station at a Farming Implement and also, an eye clinic


I am involved in First E Children’s, and Youth ministries.


Hosanna has been apart of my teaching career for 20+ years. 

I began teaching Pre-School at Hosanna when it opened in 1994.  I am passionate about art. I created an art program for Hosanna and to fund this, Art Lemonade was created. 


Bible Verse:  “He set the earth on it’s foundation and it can never be moved. “  It shows how powerful, purposeful and orderly our Lord is.


Philosophy of Christian Education:  To teach Godly values, both in Character and Principles, to our young children.  To have them know that they are loved and created with design and purpose.


Testimony:  Raised in a Godly home, I was always taught biblical values.  I became a believer at a young age, and over the years experienced many ups and downs in my walk with Christ.  As a young adult, it became evident that following God, with my whole heart, was my desire.


The best part of following Jesus is to know that His Love, Grace, and Mercy is only a prayer away.    It is a relationship that is forgiving, and accepting.   It is also a comfort to witness my trials in life happenings become purposeful.