Joanne Quinn
5th Grade & Jr High Math & English Teacher

I graduated from Oregon State University with a degree in Elementary Education (K – 9).  I had minors in math and physical sciences.


My family originally came from South Dakota, where I was born.  My parents, two sisters, and I moved from South Dakota to Eastern Oregon when I was only three years old.  So, my childhood was spent in the desert regions of Eastern Oregon.  We lived on the bank of the Umatilla River where my sisters and I spent hours hunting for turtles, crossing the river on exposed rocks, and watching always for rattlesnakes, black widow spiders, and scorpions.  It was an adventurous childhood and spent mostly outdoors.


After graduating college and teaching for a few years in a 5th grade classroom, I made a decision to move to Alaska.  I stayed with friends there during the summer but had no job for the upcoming school year.  At the end of that summer, when I had just enough money to get back to Oregon, I ran into an old friend from college who told me there were teaching positions opening that day.  I went back into the superintendent’s office to check on those openings.  Instead of talking of those, he spoke to me about logging camp schools on islands in the area.  The next morning I was offered a contract for a school at a remote logging camp.  There would be one room in the school and 23 students.  With this contract, God directed me to Him.  I took a float plane to the island to the only Christian logging camp in Southeast Alaska.  There I found an active church community and saw in real life who Jesus was, and how He was present in his followers there.  I dedicated myself to Him in the Spring of that year and have followed Him since that time.  It always amazes me to think back and realize God placed me in that remote location so I could meet Him.


There have been many trials and many blessings since giving my life to Jesus.  I remember Philippians 4:13 (I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.) during the trying times.  I know that He is walking with me, always there and always caring and protecting. 


I am delighted to be a part of Hosanna Christian School for the second year.  I believe Christian education is of vital importance in today’s world.  Christian education helps develop the values and beliefs necessary to help sustain our students in this ever challenging environment.